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What is this Election about?

                                      What are the issues in this campaign?

Well I must admit that, to me, this election, is not about the normal issues that you may have in a municipal election.

This election is about how do we all come together to build a great city. 

It would be difficult to talk about dealing with Public Safety and Crime, without knowing what kind of police department and court system we will put in place. Where is the City Jail? What about Judges and those who will prosecute those accused of crime? Our Criminal Justice structure must be designed to prevent and eliminate criminal activities. 

How and where do we grow our city to attract economic development? 
What relationships do we establish with our school system to make all of our schools successful? People will not move into a city where they consider the schools to be failing.

How do we recruit potential employees and provide quality municipal services without raising taxes?

These are just a few of the issues that must be addressed during this election.
So my platform is centered on the question, "How do we create a city that is viable and safe and deliver efficient and effective services.


Willie G. Davis

Committee to Elect Willie G. Davis
P. O. Box 44602
Atlanta, Georgia 30336
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