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Wednesday, January 18, 2017 6:33 AM

South Fulton Cities can Fight Crime by Working Together


A few months ago, my car was broken into at LA Fitness at Camp Creek Marketplace. I had to wait nearly 30 minutes for a city of Atlanta Police Officer to arrive to make a Police Report. Yet there was a City of East Point Police Precinct within a 10 minute walking distance of the incident location. However, the Marketplace, jurisdictionally, is divided, by a street, into two separate police agencies.

 Response time could be decreased and patrol visibility can be increased by the elimination of territorial lines. 

The new City of South Fulton makes islands or peninsulas of some cities.  The new city shares its borders with at least seven other cities and three other counties. In many instances, cities are divided by streets, subdivisions and/or communities.  This creates a jurisdictional nightmare for citizens and law enforcement officials, especially when it comes to certain criminal and traffic offenses.

In the past, some citizens have attempted to report crimes in some areas that make up the new city, only to be told by police officers that the incident location was outside of their jurisdiction.  This has caused some crimes to either go unreported or not properly investigated. It has also caused criminals to take full advantage of these blurred jurisdictional boundaries, using loopholes to avoid paying their debt to society.

There are other areas around the State of Georgia with similar problems. Therefore, I am calling on the General Assembly, during this year’s session to enact legislation that would allow municipal law enforcement departments to Work Together across jurisdictional lines to fight crime.

Currently, each municipal police department has authority only within its respective “geographic territory or territorial jurisdiction.”  The State of Georgia, through the General Assembly, has the authority to create extraterritorial jurisdictions and provide municipalities the legal ability to function beyond their boundary limitations.

In late December, Fulton County Chairman John Eaves, in addressing the increase in crime, specifically “slider crimes” in South Fulton, suggested the establishment of a “multi-jurisdictional police officer to patrol gas stations.” Unfortunately, Chairman Eaves doesn't have the legal authority to make this work for the long term. In fact, he will have no say so over the area effective May 1, 2017. Furthermore, each Georgia city's police department would have to agree to participate, and those  agreements could change based on each city's leadership; presenting a short term solution to an increasing crime problem.

As an attorney familiar with jurisdictional issues relating to criminal activities, I believe that the General Assembly can address this problem by creating an “extraterritorial jurisdiction” in state law. This will allow for the creation of a Crime Prevention Task Force, made up of law enforcement agencies from surrounding cities, working together, to fight and prevent crimes not only in South Fulton, but in cities all across the state. 

If we're going to require certain service stations to hire armed security to protect customers, then we certainly should require our police departments to work together to prevent crimes.

WILLIE G. DAVIS, Candidate 
South Fulton City Council – District 1

Thursday, December 29, 2016 11:59 PM

Only WE can eliminate CRIME!

A few years ago, when I was the Chief Assistant Solicitor in Clayton County, The Sheriff placed billboard around the county with these words, NO LOITERING, NO LITTERING, NO LOUD NOISE - Violators Will BE Prosecuted". Businesses were asked to place NO LOITERING signs around their businesses and call the police if it needed to be enforced. Soon afterward, I notice that there was a large increase in the criminal cases in our office, as well as the Juvenile Court. The reason was that many of those involved in criminal activities either they couldn't read or they saw the billboards as a joke. Law enforcement rode around and enforced the billboards. So what happened was that many of the young men questioned for loitering around businesses were found to be in possession of weapons, drugs or had active warrant. So they were arrested and charged. Many were wanted on some serious felony charges. The same was done for those riding around the county playing loud music from their car or throwing trash in the street. Arrest and criminal cases increased tremendously for some months. However, after word got around what was going on crime actually decreased. Kids knew that they would go to jail.

Now here is the interesting point, law enforcement in the county decided to take action to put an end to criminal activities. They understood the concept of "Serve and Protect". Why are we begging law enforcement and some elected officials to protect our communities? They should just do their jobs. Until, they really understand the situation, we must do what is necessary and proper to protect our communities.

We all must pay close attention to what is happening in our neighborhoods and places where we shop.we need to report any all questionable activities. We need to stop being REACTIVE to crime in our communities and become more PROACTIVE! True crime prevention starts with the establishment of Neighborhood Crime Watch. There is no way that all of this crime is taking place and noone notice it before hand. We have to get involved.

Those committing these criminal acts are certainly paying attention to us being unaware of our surroundings. That's why its so easy for them to get away with committing crime.

Lets Work Together to eliminate the increase in crime!

Friday, December 9, 2016 12:56 AM

What is this Election about?

People ask me, "What's your campaign platform and what are the issues that you running on"? What does this election mean?





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